The Next Generation Basement Insulation System

  • Finish your basement walls in a weekend.
  • Accidents happenCozy Wall is 100% waterproof.
  • Completely Quiet

    The closed cell structure restricts unwanted
    sounds from penetrating your finished walls.

  • Mount With Confidence Supports up to 300lbs
How to Measure Your Basement

1) Measure the length of each wall (in feet).

2) Add them together to determine your interior perimeter.


Wall # Length in feet
Wall 1 40'
Wall 2 30' +
Wall 3 20' +
Wall 4 15' +
Wall 5 20' +
Wall 6 15' +
Door 3' -
Interior Perimeter: 137 ft.

Cozy Wall is a revolutionary do-it-yourself basement insulation system that incorporates framing, insulation, and vapor barrier into a single, easy-to-install, waterproof wall system. Unlike other systems that trap moisture, the unique Cozy Wall system sits 2 inches away from the wall, which allows for continuous air circulation, and causes any recurring moisture to dry.

Quick Price Calculator

Enter the interior perimeter of your basement or length of wall you wish to finish (in feet) and we'll do the rest!

Cozy Wall enables the "do-it-yourself homeowner" to professionally transform their unfinished basement into brand new, cozy living space. Cozy Wall is shipped to your doorstep, ready-to-install! The ease of Cozy Wall begins at the Cozy Wall Price Calculator which makes calculating the required materials for your project as easy as entering the dimensions of the perimeter of your basement.