Step 1:

Install the Fire Barrier

Cut and fasten a 5 inch strip of Sheetrock the ceiling joist along the sections of wall where Cozy Wall will be installed. In case of fire, this strip of Sheetrock will act as barrier and retard the spread of flames to upper levels of your home. Standard building code requires the use of a fire barrier in any finished basement.

Step 2:

Mark the Guide Lines

Measure 2 ½ inches outward from each end of the wall. Then, using either a chalk line or a laser, mark definitively the lines spanning the two end points on both the floor and ceiling joists.

Step 3:

Install the Tracks

Align the backs of the tracks with the previously marked guidelines, then secure them in place. Secure the top track to the ceiling joists using wood or drywall screws. Secure the bottom tracks to the floor using sealants and the provided fasteners.

Step 4:

Install the Panels

Apply foam adhesive to 4 feet of both the top and bottom track. Set a panel on the section of track with adhesive, and fasten it to the tracks using the provided screws and fasteners. For each subsequent panel, repeat this process with the addition of inserting 3 joining biscuits and applying adhesive to the side of the previously installed panel.

Step 5:

Lock the Wall

Lock The Wall
Fully Installed Cozy Wall System

Once the wall panels are installed, any and all gaps are filled in with the provided high expansion foam Adhesive. After sealing the wall, remove the circular cut-outs and apply foam adhesive to one of the two sides. Re-insert the cutout into its original place in the wall, this time pressing it firmly through to the exterior wall. Allow all the cut-outs to set for 1 hour then inject foam adhesive around the circumference of the cut-out.

Step 6:

Hang Drywall

Fastening Sheetrock to Cozy Wall

Because each Cozy Wall panel is the same size as a sheet of Sheetrock, hanging Drywall is a breeze. Simply set each sheet of Sheetrock so that it rests on the bottom lip of the Cozy Wall panel. Then, using 1 ½ drywall screws, fasten the Sheetrock to each of the the wood furring strips spanning the length of each Cozy Wall panel. Tape, spackle, paint and you are left with beautiful, high quality, highly efficient walls. Enjoy!

We recommend your basement be properly waterproofed before installing the Cozy Wall System.